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The Taoyuan Public Department of Cultural Affairs has a director, who by the order of Taoyuan’s mayor, is in charge of the overall affairs of the Department, as well as directing and supervising subordinate agencies and employees. The Department also has a deputy director, chief secretary, and special committee member, who help the director handle the affairs of the department.

The Department is comprised of the Cultural Development Section, Performing Arts Section, Minnan Culture Section, Cultural Heritage Section, Culture Facilities Section, Cultural and Creative Audiovisual Section, Office of the Secretary, Accounting Office, Personnel Office, and the Internal Affairs Office. They are in charge of handling their section or office’s respective matters.

The subordinate government authorities set up under the Department are: the Taoyuan City Hall Arts Facilities Management Center, the Taoyuan Public Library and Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum, Taoyuan, Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts.
Organization Structure
Matters handled by the Department
The Department is in charge of matters related to the preservation and development of Taoyuan City’s culture and arts.
Cultural Development Section
This section is in charge of promoting community-cultural development plans and community-oriented administration. It is also responsible for promoting the transformation and revitalization of local cultural centers, organizing cultural festivals that showcase the city's unique characteristics, holding classes for the study of arts and culture, and handling the publication of the "Art & Culture in Taoyuan" brochure.
Performing Arts Section
This section is responsible for planning, managing and providing guidance to the development of the performing arts environment and activities. It also collects and researches related information, assists performance staff and performance groups, sets up cases, counsels and provides rewards and incentives to them, as well as promotes exchanges among performance groups and artists.
Minnan Culture Section
Plan and carry out various activities of Minnan culture including its festivals, performances, competitions, language courses, cross-cultural activities, promotion of food culture, support of Nan Guan and Bei Guan clubs, folk art and traditional crafts; conduct research projects and build a complete resource system of Minnan culture.
Cultural Heritage Section
This section is in charge of designating, logging, preserving, maintaining and managing monuments, historical buildings, settlements, cultural landscapes, heritage sites, etc. It is also responsible for the collection and preservation of documentation, and the advocacy and promotion of cultural assets education and other matters.

Culture Facilities Section
Manage the construction, establishment, renovation, maintenance, and operational improvement of cultural facilities.
Cultural and Creative Audiovisual Section
This section is in charge of handling the renovation and reuse of villages built for military personnel and their families in past decades. It is also responsible for promoting the development of Taoyuan City’s film and television industry, creating an environment conducive to the development of cultural and creative industries, and nurturing talent in this field.

Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts
Manage and curate art exhibitions, conduct research and collections, promote education extension; implement international exchange and cooperation of art, and integrate with diverse topics of contemporary art; continuously develop art of Taoyuan, and pass down precious memories of Taoyuan city; encourage young artists to come back to Taoyuan for cultivating new artistic talents.
Office of the Secretary
Handles matters concerning documents, archives, cash flow, general services, asset management, as well as information, legal matters, public relations, research matters, and the setting up, counseling and supervision of cultural foundations, the training and management of volunteers, and various matters that do not fall under the duties of other sections or offices.
Personnel Office
Handles personnel management matters according to the law.
Accounting Office
Handles budget planning, accounting and statistics matters according to law.
Internal Affairs Office
Handles internal affairs according to law.
Subordinate offices under the Department
Taoyuan City Arts Facilities Management Center (
Taoyuan Public Library (
Daxi Wood Art Ecomuseum, Taoyuan (