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  • QWhat is the phone number for the Department of Cultural Affairs?
    AThe Department of Cultural Affairs’ phone number is: (03)332-2592 ext.8114
  • QHow can I find information about the performances at the Taoyuan Public Department of Cultural Affairs’ Performance Hall?
    ARegarding performances and activities at the department’s Performance Hall, please visit the department’s website.You can also pick up our monthly information pamphlet from the department office, the various arts and culture performance venues in the city, and public transportation stations.
  • QHow can I apply to use the Department of Cultural Affairs’ venues?
    AThe Department of Cultural Affairs’ Performance Hall includes Exhibition Hall 1, 2, and the 2nd and 3rd Floor Art Galleries. Each July, we accept applications to use the space for performances and activities in the upcoming year. You can download the relevant application forms and documents from the “Visual Arts” section of the Department’s 
  • QWhat historical sites with the characteristics of traditional houses are open to the public in Taoyuan City?
    AThe historical sites open to the public are: the Fan-Jiang Ancestral Hall in Xinwu District and Dexin Tang in Luzhu District. Sites that are under repair and will be opened to the public later are: Li Tengfang Mansion in Daxi, and the Lu Family Abode Zhuncun Tang in Bade District.
  • QWhere can I find information about Matsu New Village and its opening times and relevant activities?
    AAt present, the opening hours are set based on the Matsu New Village’s cultural creativity pilot plan and the Taoyuan Arts Cinema Ⅱ’s activities. For more information, please visit our website :